The story of the mysterious scientist, the space developers and the evil data cloud.

A long time ago, we received a strange call from a mysterious scientist. He explained to us that with his powerful instruments he was monitoring some strange dark clouds that were able to change shape continuously, appeared in our skies.

He didn’t think of us at first to solve this mystery, he shared this information with the scientists' community but no one was caring about this phenomenon, physicists and meteorologists thought that they were rain clouds or snow clouds or whatever…

But this man, this scientist, was very experienced and he invented some cool telescopes and satellites and sensors and he found out that they were data that were going out from our computers and software and they were very dangerous for our lives and the safety of the world. If they will have grown that fast, they will soon strike our houses and destroy the world as we know it.

He wouldn’t allow it! He would have done everything he could to stop the clouds.

He had heard from a friend that somewhere in the galaxy, a conscious and intelligent form of life invented this instrument capable of ruling all data and transforming them into a powerful weapon.

We should have divided into teams, he would have stayed on the planet and kept monitoring and trying to inform people of the imminent disaster and we would have flown into space and found that tool.

And so we did!

To be continued…

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