How to onboard user for your app and ensure they’ll stay long

As software builder and app developers, we try to empathize with users and try to understand their psychology.

As users of many software and apps instead, we have experiences with these products and we try to learn from their merits and defects.

We tried some apps and web apps that…

And 3 smart solution for your company to reduce emission.

Climate change and technology is a consolidated combination of words. Today, this combination isn’t totally positive if we think, for example, to the thousands and thousands of devices that we discard every year in favour of the latest and glittering model.

On the contrary, when we place these two concepts…

Why you should care more about the UX design.

The UX aka User Experience is the design process aimed at ensuring a comfortable user experience while using the site or app. The UX is essential for your business as it is directly related to the user’s actions and therefore, to his choices. In other words, to conversion.

In order…

All the financial instruments to boost your business from the early stage to growth.

If you have a new business, a startup or you want to start a new business unit, there are many instruments to finance your idea from the beginning to the growth and expansion.

Usually to finance an idea in the early stages, all the companies (either they’re already founded or…

The new business model that will involve service and goods companies.

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Main characteristics





The breakdown of “anything as a service” doesn’t sound something new or disrupting at the dawn of 2021.

In 2018, a Forbes article quoted Ranjit Bawa, principal of cloud technology at Deloitte and this made us think a lot, and even smile. He…

Why you should rely on a software house for a unique, integrated, data-driven solution for your company and your employees' sake.

Table of content:


Pro of using EAS

Cons of using EAS




Nowadays, almost all companies use enterprise management software and other digital solutions to organize their daily job and manage processes that became too complex and time-consuming to be done manually. We learnt that they can be offered to the…

Yeah, you think we wrote it wrong, but DevGenius isn’t a classic software house, not even a little. Of course, we do all the things that a software house does but we do them differently.

The main difference between us and the other software houses, as we explained in this…


It is our mission to create a safe online haven for sales or marketing executives where the smartest solutions for the biggest results are developed.

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